Monday, September 14, 2009

Cigar Week (in review)

What a week!

It started off Wednesday with Carlos Torano at Cigar & Tabac in Overland Park, KS. Felipe Sosa was the master roller for the event and Carlos Torano made certain no guest was a stranger. Torano knows just about everybody in the cigar business and had a story about each one! I learned a LOT and had a great time. There aren't a lot of photos because I was busy with an Exodus 1959 50-Year Anniversary; VERY nice!

Friday it was Sam Leccia, founder and CEO of NUb Cigar, again at Cigar & Tabac. Sam is not your typical cigar maker, and he seems to like it that way! He makes astonishing stogies, though. I had his new Cain, all-ligero cigar. I expected something along the lines of a La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero, (a little stick full o' whop-ass) but what I got was smooth and flavorful with only a little pepper and no harshness. Yeah, I bought more.

Here are a couple shots of Sam working his craft on a special, smokeable band.

I had a great time (again) and enjoyed talking with Sam. Hope he comes back soon!

Last but certainly not least, Saturday was the Don Pepin Garcia event at The Outlaw Cigar Co. I've been looking forward to this most of the year and was NOT disappointed! I even won a Pepin T-Shirt in the raffle at the end of the day!

Want to see two perfect cigars rolled in under 2 minutes?

Great cigars (do I really have to say that?), great food, Ford Cobras and bikes to look at, and a helicopter landing! All very nice, but meeting Jose Pepin Garcia topped them all!

(All photos -except the first one- by Mrs. f-stop.)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

KC's Cigar Week (unofficially)!

There are three major events this week of interest to cigar fans here in KC. A rare coincidence, in my estimation!

Wednesday, Sept 9th
Carlos Torano and Master Roller Felipe Sosa
at Cigar & Tabac

Meet the founder of Torano Cigars and watch Felipe Sosa demonstrate the art of rolling! The new Carlos Torano Exodus 1959 will be featured, as well as a sampling of tasty Cuban food! Cool!

Friday, Sept 11th
Sam Leccia, founder of NUb Cigars
at Cigar & Tabac

Don't know if Sam is planning anything more than a meet and greet, but I do know he's got a new product or two in the works right now, so ya never know. Should be a good time!

Saturday, Sept 12th
Jose "Pepin" Garcia,
founder of El Rey de los Habanos, Inc.
at The Outlaw Cigar, Co.
11am-who knows when!

Called the hottest brand in the U.S., Don Pepin Garcia is THE MAN to many cigar fans! Don't miss this one!